giant cell

giant cell
гигантская клетка

English-Russian dictionary of medicine. . 2015.

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  • Giant cell — Giant Gi ant, a. Like a giant; extraordinary in size, strength, or power; as, giant brothers; a giant son. [1913 Webster] {Giant cell}. (Anat.) See {Myeloplax}. {Giant clam} (Zo[ o]l.), a bivalve shell of the genus {Tridacna}, esp. {T. gigas},… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Giant cell — Multinucleated giant cells due to an infection. H E stain. A giant cell is a mass formed by the union of several distinct cells (usually macrophages).[1] It can arise in response to an infection or foreign body. Types include: foreign body giant… …   Wikipedia

  • giant cell — ▪ pathology also called  Langhans giant cell        large cell characterized by an arc of nuclei (nucleus) toward the outer membrane. The cell is formed by the fusion of epithelioid cells, which are derived from immune cells called macrophages.… …   Universalium

  • giant cell — noun : an unusually large cell; especially : a large multinuclear often phagocytic cell (as those characteristic of tubercular lesions, various sarcomas, or the megakaryocytes of the red marrow) * * * giant cell, an unusually large tissue or… …   Useful english dictionary

  • giant cell — gi·ant cell jī ənt n an unusually large cell esp a large multinucleate often phagocytic cell (as those characteristic of tubercular lesions, various sarcomas, or the megakaryocytes of the red marrow) * * * any large cell, such as a megakaryocyte …   Medical dictionary

  • giant cell — any large cell, such as a megakaryocyte. Giant cells may have one or many nuclei …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • giant cell — A term applied to a host response in which a multinucleate mass of protoplasm or cytoplasm often acts as a preferred feeding site or nurse cell ; see coenocyte, syncytium, lysigenoma, teratocyte …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • giant cell — 1) found in inflammatory lesions caused by fungal or mycobacterial infections in fish, these cells are formed from macrophages usually by fusion of many cells 2) alarm substance cells or clubcells , q.v 3) one of the 1 10 sensory cells in the… …   Dictionary of ichthyology

  • Giant-cell tumor of bone — Classification and external resources Micrograph of a giant cell tumor of bone showing the characteristic giant cells. H E stain …   Wikipedia

  • Giant cell tumor of bone — Giant cell tumor of the bone (also called giant cell myeloma or osteoclastoma) is a relatively uncommon tumor. It is characterized by the presence of multinucleated giant cells (osteoclast like cells). These tumors are generally benign.cite… …   Wikipedia

  • Giant-cell arteritis — Classification and external resources The arteries of the face and scalp. ICD 10 M31.5 M …   Wikipedia


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